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Best-Flex HA®

Probably the world’s best joint supplement.
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Precision & Focus™

Competition ready formula for impulsion and poise
5 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Optimise lymphatic system, urinary tract, and skin health
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Essential vitamins and minerals to balance the diet
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Ultimate Ease®

Complete support for equine gastrointestinal comfort
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


The original equine calmer, and still the best.
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

No Fill™

Reduce filled legs and support fluid distribution
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Delicious low-sugar treats made with a blend of tasty herbs
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Fly Formula™

Repel irritating flies and insects from the inside out
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Optimise and maintain respiratory health
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Maintain healthy hormone levels in older horses
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Hardy Hoof™

Encourage production of strong, resilient hooves
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Maximum support for skin and coat health
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Proud of our horse feed supplements

Discover the best way to nourish your horse with high-quality Feedmark horse supplements. Our extensive product range includes joint support, gastrointestinal comfort, calming solutions, reduced leg swelling, improved fluid distribution, fly and insect repellents, hormone regulation for older horses, strengthened hooves, and healthy skin and coat maintenance.
Trust us for safe and natural options that promote your horse's well-being.
With 44 years of expertise in equine nutrition, we are committed to excellence. Feed your horse the best with Feedmark supplements and experience the difference. From supporting overall joint health to enhancing the shine of your horse's coat, our supplements are carefully formulated to meet the specific needs of horses of all ages and breeds.
With Feedmark, you can feel confident knowing that you are providing your horse with the highest quality nutrition available on the market.
Our supplements are manufactured using only premium ingredients, backed by scientific research and extensive testing.
Join thousands of satisfied horse owners who rely on Feedmark to keep their horses healthy and thriving. Give your horse the advantage it deserves with Feedmark supplements



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