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  • My horse head shakes and rubs his nose on his leg while hacking especially in the summer months, could this help him?

    These actions are commonly due to irritation by pollen particles. Clarity helps to expel these foreign particles and can help to soothe the respiratory tract, so if your horse is sensitive to pollen we definitely recommend trying Clarity to see if it helps.

  • My horse is sensitive to dust- what can I do to help him?

    If your horse has problems with a dusty environment there are several management techniques that can help. Try to keep the horse out as much as possible, and ensure that stables are well-ventilated. Use dust-reduced bedding such as dust extracted shavings or pellets, and feed steamed hay, soaked hay or haylage to reduce the dust in the stable environment. In addition to this, feeding Clarity will help to clear the respiratory tract and help the airways well-functioning.


  • Will this put weight on my horses as he is a good doer?

    EquiDermis™ is a high oil supplement, and as such it could contribute towards weight gain. If your horse is grossly overweight this may not be ideal, however, if your horse is in good condition and has skin care needs it is worth feeding this.

Hardy Hoof

  • How long does it take for Hardy Hoof to work? I have been feeding this for a month and my horses hooves are still cracked?

    Nutritional support can only help with any new hoof growth, not repair the existing hoof wall. Hooves usually grow at a rate of 6-10mm per month, although this does vary, and so it will usually take 8-12 months for the hoof wall to grow down from the coronet band to where the toe touches the floor. As such, we recommend feeding Hardy Hoof for at least this length of time.

No Fill

  • Can I feed this with a joint supplement?

    Yes, No Fill™ can be fed alongside any of the joint supplements in the Feedmark range.

  • What’s this for?

    No Fill is a supplement designed to support the lymphatic and circulatory system to help horses that get filled legs when standing in.


  • My horse is fed Steady-Up at the moment. I am moving yards and want to do all I can to help them stay calm- can I feed extra Steady-Up?

    For short periods you can feed Steady-Up at twice the recommended level for added calm.

Customer Service

Customer Service

  • How do I order from you?

    Ordering is simple; either call us on our phone 003627200777 or place your order at All orders are packed at the time of ordering and . If you prefer to have your parcel left at your property rather than signing for it, please specify a safe place for the driver to leave the parcel in your absence.

  • How do I return items?

    If you need to return a product you have purchased, please contact us via phone, email or you can create a return request from "My Orders" menu. To receive a refund, please return the product as it arrived; unopened and with adequate packaging. Upon receipt of the product, we will issue a refund for the total cost of products returned, provided they arrive in their original condition. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund for opened or partially used items.

  • How long do I have to return an item?

    We must receive the returned product within 30 days of purchase for a refund to be given. Please contact us to inform us you wish to return the product before sending it.

  • I want to change my order or add a product to it, how do I do this?

    If your order has not been dispatched and you wish to change the items or add additional products, you will be able to do this by telephoning 003627200777. We recommend that you do not add items or change orders via email, as we may not see the email before your parcel has been dispatched. You are unable to add or change items after your parcel has been dispatched.

  • My order has arrived damaged, what do I do?

    In the unlikely event that any of the items in your order are damaged by the courier, please contact us immediately. Please email photos of the damaged items and packaging to [email protected] so we are able to claim from our couriers. Please keep any damaged items in their original packaging, as the courier may need to inspect the parcel. Alternatively, we may arrange collection. Please report any damages within 48 working hours.

  • My order has not arrived, what should I do?

    Please check with your neighbours and in your “safe place” to see if the parcel has been left. If your order has been sent via a courier please contact us by phone or email and we will track the order for you.

  • What should I do if my horse doesn’t eat it?

    When feeding your horse a new supplement we always advise to introduce it very slowly. You might need to do as little as a pinch at a time and splitting it between different feeds is a good idea if you can.

  • When should I receive my delivery?

    All orders placed online or by the telephone are dispatched the next day with delivery expedited by DPD.

    You can find more information about the shipping times in the "About deliveries" footer menu.