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Fly Formula™

Riduce l'irritazione causata da mosche e insetti

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Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/07/2024 11:11
Never been one for supplements but when your coloured horse comes in from the field with blood running down them from the giant horsefly bites you will try anything. Fly formula not only helps keep down the flies but helps with the ticks too.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 17/07/2024 21:52
I have been using the fly formula for 2 months now and I’ve noticed a significant difference in how the horses are being bothered by flies ! Normally they would come in with the occasional raised bite but they’ve had none so far and they don’t seem to be getting much bother at all in the field.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 15/07/2024 19:17
Horse loves it and he is certainly less palatable to flies!
My pony isn't as taken with it though!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/07/2024 09:09
My pony really suffers from fly bites so anything to help deter them is welcome!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/07/2024 08:43
This stuff is really good, it smells really nice and the 2 girls love it. Even the fussy eater with a suppressed appetite clears her bowls now. It looks and smells a bit like sage and onion stuffing and it doesn’t taste half bad (yes I’ve tried it) and I would go as far as to say, you could use it to season your Sunday chicken and no one would be any the wiser. Does it work? - yes it does. Flies are visibly more reluctant to land, even after only 36 hours of using it. The added benefit  is that they all love it. Even if it wasn’t great as a fly repellant, it really improves the palatability of their feeds and we get 3 highly polished empty bowls.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/07/2024 00:14
This stuff is really good, it smells really nice and the 2 girls love it. Even the fussy eater with a suppressed appetite clears her bowls now. It looks and smells a bit like stuffing and it doesn’t taste half bad (yes I’ve tried it) and I would go as far as to say, you could use it to season your Sunday chicken and no one would be any the wiser. Does it work? - yes it does. Flies are visibly more reluctant to land, even after only 36 hours of using it. The added benefit  is that they all love it. Even if it wasn’t great as a fly repellant, it really improves the appeal of their feeds and we get 3 highly polished empty bowls.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 12/07/2024 22:07
Brilliant for my horses in cornwall where flies are a nightmare and I also use equidermis for my mare with sweetitch and absolutely brilliant
Trusted Feefo Customer - 12/07/2024 20:18
Does seem to make a difference, flies don't tend bother them as much now after being on it for a while. The horses think it's delicious, and I even put a scoop of the sheep's feed too!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 12/07/2024 20:05
seems to be working as promised, smells lovely and the horses absolutely love it 😀😍
Trusted Feefo Customer - 12/07/2024 09:36
Lovely blend of herbs which my horse loves. He rarely gets bitten by flies. Have used Fly Formula for  several different types of horse over the years with good results. The horseflies bite me instead!☹️
Trusted Feefo Customer - 11/07/2024 10:18
Being in a field near cows is a nightmare, but since using the fly formula, can honestly say all 3 horses are comfortable and happier. Still presence of flies, but no where near as bad, before using this product. Again thank you Feedmark!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 11/07/2024 08:18
It appears to be working, my big boy Zeus; who’s a Suffolk x Clyde was getting very bothered and bitten - a couple of weeks into having this into his normal feed and he seems less agitated!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/07/2024 20:46
Well it's definitely working and can smell it coming out of my boys skin
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/07/2024 13:25
Great idea for a horse who hates sprays! Being eaten a treat and going a great job
Trusted Feefo Customer - 09/07/2024 20:07
Both my horses really love this fly formula I think it’s the smell. It does smell delicious. Think it’s the mint. Anyway both horses licking their dishes out which they never did before.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/07/2024 21:25
My boy get bitten badly in summer and hates fly spray. The fly formula works brilliantly at keeping them away and I have a much happier horse.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/07/2024 20:25
Have a dark mare that attracts the flys and gets very bothered by them. Have definitely noticed a decrease in flys around her since using this product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/07/2024 06:21
This was my first try using this both horses had noticeably less flies around them. Doesn't seem to stop the big nasty blood sucking ones but less midges and flies. I will be reordering. Saves on the fly spray which they don't like having on them. All round winner.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/07/2024 22:58
Only been on it 2 weeks but my boy does seem less bothered by the flys! It smells lovely and I have no problem getting home to eat it!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/07/2024 21:21
Not sure if the flies are later this year or this stuff is so good that my pony isn’t being bothered with them 😘
Trusted Feefo Customer - 29/06/2024 17:48
I give this to both my horses and they both enjoy eating it. The flies certainly seem to be less annoying to them thus year
Trusted Feefo Customer - 29/06/2024 10:00
Fly protection from the inside.
Lovely herbs which I have used for many years. Fly Formula has worked well deterring biting  flies on the different types of horses I have owned.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 28/06/2024 19:06
Definitely seems to be working,  a lot less  flies bothering my horses.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/06/2024 10:26
I don't thing I've been using it long enough yet to be able to give a review
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/06/2024 09:09
I have just started using fly formula. I was concerned my horse would not eat it as he can smell a supplement a mile away, when I lifted the lid the smell is amazing, I was hopeful he would think the same, thankfully he loves it, I do believe it has helped as he has a enormous aversion to flies, there is definitely less flies near him when I bring him in in the morning.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/06/2024 00:03
Ponies like ithe combination of herbs. Just started this year, should have started earlier for the midges which have been bad this spring. Last year coats were shiny after using this.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 25/06/2024 22:23
Bought a tub of this product because it was half price with my other supplement but it really does seem to work.  Infact I bought another larger tub also whilst it was still on offer  😁
The flies are horrendous where we are so anything that helps in my book is worth it's weight in gold  😊
Trusted Feefo Customer - 25/06/2024 07:25
I have used Fly Formula in conjunction with Equidermis and for the last year it kept sweet itch at bay on my mare, and I now would not be without it
Trusted Feefo Customer - 24/06/2024 21:36
Fly Formula, lovely fresh and clean looking supplement. Horse doesn't mind it in her feed at all. Hasn't been on it long so can't say if it works/helps yet.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 24/06/2024 21:10
The flies certainly don't bother the ponies after spraying. They get sprayed once a day, occasionally they need twice.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/06/2024 16:56
Been using on both horses for 2 or 3 weeks now and really like it - smells good and no issues with eating it. I think it is helping with the bugs.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/06/2024 13:47
Fly Formula is given to our horses as we prefer to work from the inside out rather than spray the horses with chemicals.  Nijmegen has a small amount of sweetitch on her tail and spraying her with fly spray irritates the sweetitch. Fly Formula is much kinder - and it works.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/06/2024 11:20
Via an adver of FaceBook. Excellent product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/06/2024 11:19
Palatabe product which all my ponies love. I have noticed that they are not bothered as much by the flys since I have started feeding it.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/06/2024 23:03
It seems to be working to help keep the pesky flies away. It smells nice and the ponies like it
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/06/2024 20:26
Definite reduction in flying insects at moment troubling girls
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/06/2024 20:25
Started on the formula a couple of weeks ago and he is definitely less bothered by the biting flys in an evening. He eats it well in his food as he can be fussy and it’s a super value !
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/06/2024 22:52
Tried this as it was on offer and found it really good so purchased another larger tub and will continue to use.  👍
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/06/2024 20:47
Not been using this for long but really like this product. Flies are definitely less interested and the formula is really palatable
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/06/2024 20:06
Good stuff
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/06/2024 12:55
Great product only been using for a week, my pony loves the taste
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/06/2024 09:19
Great product seems to be working with horses less bothered by flies and midges
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/06/2024 07:50
Feedmark fly formula really helps my horse with the flies in summer. He is grey and the flies love him!!, despite being wrapped up from head to tail. Fly formula gives him some extra protection.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/06/2024 23:53
Smells rather strong but the horses love it I’m sure it helps with the flies already after only 3weeks of using it
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/06/2024 21:20
All of my horses like the taste and some are very sensitive to midges and horse flies they look better already .
I do recommend this product.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/06/2024 12:03
Only have been using this product a short time but it seems to be working.
Lovely smell to this product.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/06/2024 11:41
Great product and delivery
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/06/2024 11:39
Great product and works on both my horses to reduce flies.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/06/2024 22:18
Very palatable, horse love it and got it at half price so even better. Smells amazing too
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/06/2024 21:07
Great quick service and delivery.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/06/2024 21:05
Not been using long enough to see results yet.  Ponies love it - very palatable for them as they are fussy eaters.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/06/2024 10:19
Have used the fly formula now for a few years and find it great. Highly recommend this product.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 17/06/2024 20:13
Fantastic product feed from the inside out
Trusted Feefo Customer - 15/06/2024 11:53
The mix of herbs smells lovely and my horse really enjoys it. Only been using for a few weeks but he does seem a lot less bothered by the flies.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 15/06/2024 08:00
The Flyformula seems to be keeping the biting flies away so far this year and my horses love it
Quick delivery well packaged
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/06/2024 20:07
So far so good. My horse has been on this for just over 2 weeks now, it’s definitely helped with his itching and he’s been able to go out without his fly rug and not get irritated as much as he was by the flies!
Will continue to purchase.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 24/05/2024 20:21
My horses definitely have less fly bites since using Fly Formula.
They are both fussy eaters and they eat it all up.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 13/05/2024 09:50
As always this product seems to suit my horses and they like the taste too, even the one who is a fussy eater
Trusted Feefo Customer - 09/05/2024 21:55
My pony loves his Fly Formula. Smells good and obviously tastes good. I feed this from March as part of my fly protection arsenal.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 06/05/2024 10:48
At The Stirling Trust we have started giving our small herd of six horses Fly Formula to see how it works, and then will introduce it to the other horses. So far so good.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 02/05/2024 09:06
The horses like it and it seems to help.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/03/2024 09:05
Get into system as we early flies
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/01/2024 12:01
Used this product for a few years now and definitely does help
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/01/2024 15:27
Does the trick! Pony calmer!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/09/2023 16:32
This is a good supplement for my mare who has sweet-itch. I have used it alongside other measures this year to reduce her symptoms. She likes it in her feed. It smells lovely!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/09/2023 15:22
I definitely use less fly spray since using this product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 25/09/2023 14:12
Palatable I hope that it reduces fly bites, but it needs more time.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/09/2023 08:21
Very good product, easy use
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/09/2023 17:31
Good product suits my horses
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/07/2023 07:09
This was a reorder as I use this product in conjunction with fly spray to keep my pony protected from the flies.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/07/2023 14:43
Helps to deter flies in the hot weather
Trusted Feefo Customer - 06/07/2023 17:51
It seems to do a good job of the war against flys
Trusted Feefo Customer - 05/07/2023 18:09
Definitely helps my 2 horses
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/06/2023 18:01
Smells great and horses love it. Not all flies are repelled by it but certainly an improvement. I will continue to use it throughout the summer.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/06/2023 15:35
We bought this last year as well and although we didn't havea warm summer it did seem to work so doingit again this year.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 03/05/2023 14:26
Helps reduce the reaction to fly bites rather than the number of flies
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/04/2023 17:25
This product smells and looks so good I’d eat it! Horses love it.. Have started using it before the fly season really starts so it is well in their system so hopefully they will benefit in the summer.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 15/03/2023 08:33
Have using this for a few years now, works great doesn't eliminate all the flies from my horse but he has far less on him than others in his field.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 01/03/2023 20:15
Gets in to system quick as the fly seem to be around
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/02/2023 12:24
I have used this the last few years to reduce the effects of biting insects. Palatable and effective.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 13/02/2023 13:32
Definitely helps with the flies but doesn't stop them bothering the horses altogether!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 12/12/2022 19:50
Top quality ingredients lovely smell and texture
Trusted Feefo Customer - 30/10/2022 19:29
Excellent, effective product. I use from early March through to October and my pony has not had any reactions to fly bites this year.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 17/08/2022 21:52
Fly Formula is a lovely mixture of herbs which smell lovely and is very palatable to the horses. My horses never seem to get bitten by flies like the  other horses although the flies do land on him. I have used Fly Formula for years now, always making use of the special offers from Feedmark to keep my stocks up.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 17/08/2022 21:36
4 Horses on yard...Mine is the only one that has this and the only one that has doesn't have loads of flys 😊
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/07/2022 20:16
I have a pony that is very sensitive to flies and their bites. He has calmed down since using this product  by not being so worried by the flies.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/07/2022 22:06
Works well on all of my horses
Trusted Feefo Customer - 13/07/2022 20:30
Great product. Only 4 rather than 5 as slow delivery.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/07/2022 21:00
Seems to be stopping my 2 from being bitten as much, still get them flying round but not so many bites
Trusted Feefo Customer - 03/07/2022 21:36
This product works a treat, doesn't deter every fly  
but certainly makes a huge difference.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 03/07/2022 21:36
Excellent, great product 👍😀
Trusted Feefo Customer - 16/06/2022 08:15
I have definately noticed less flies on my horse since using this product !
Trusted Feefo Customer - 15/06/2022 20:13
Excellent product hardly any flies landing on my horse so a stress free summer ahead
Trusted Feefo Customer - 02/06/2022 17:57
Excellent sure it helps my 2 are on it all year
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/05/2022 12:53
Brilliant product does what it says on packet
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/05/2022 02:17
I tried it last year , but only for one month at the end of summer.as there was such a good offer on I have bought enough for both horses to start them on the formula early
Trusted Feefo Customer - 28/04/2022 12:35
It's a very strong smelling supplement so hopefully will help repel the nasties. I've only just started feeding it so yet to look out for the results but the horses are all gobbling it up so it's definitely palatable which is great.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/04/2022 21:14
Smelt promising.  Started with small dose gradually increasing until required recommend does met.   Don't know how long it takes to get into the system but after three weeks still about the same number of flies bothering horses.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/04/2022 23:31
Used this last year and it helped wth the  reduction of fly bites my horse had, making him  more comfortable when ridden
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/02/2022 04:03
Have used this last fly season worked pretty well on my horse definitely made him more comfortable.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/01/2022 13:26
Continues to provide a good deterrent to most creepy crawlies
Trusted Feefo Customer - 09/12/2021 14:19
Repeat Order.Says it all really I suppose! My "Go To" item for deterring those nasty flies. Helps with maintaning a lovely shiny coat too! Lovely herby smell and comes in an eco friendly refill bag.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/11/2021 09:24
Rated 5 Stars. Says it all really don't you think!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/09/2021 20:11
Has helped loads this summer deterring flys and bugs
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/09/2021 20:17
I am using less fly spray, both my boys are troubled less by the flies since I have been using this supplement.  I have saved a fortune in fly spray and less horse fly bites.. Great product.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/08/2021 21:22
Smells lovely and my horse likes the taste
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/08/2021 19:06
Ponies took to it straight away, lovely herbie smell and seems to be helping with flies.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 09/08/2021 08:27
These herbal formulas are really palatable for the horse. He doesn’t really suffer from flies as much as the others around him.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/08/2021 11:58
Been using this for a while now, my boy definitely has less flies on him now than some if the other horses in his field.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 05/08/2021 07:15
So far so good- only been using for a couple of weeks- very palatable-my horse hasn’t seemed  to of noticed it being added- we haven’t had as many flies as the weather has got cooler so can’t give a truthful opinion if it works or not
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/08/2021 21:22
Smells good horse likes it just waiting to see if it reduces flies round my lad
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/08/2021 21:17
Super item that works!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/08/2021 20:39
Very palatable & think it’s helping my 2
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/07/2021 21:02
Great products, my pony loves the supplements and it’s helping to keep the flies away.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 24/06/2021 10:05
Fantastic product seems to be helping with my horses sweet itch and only been using it for a few weeks his coat is amazing ,just started my mare on it as shes been attacked by horse flies..Smells gorgeous to!!!
Best part bought while the 25% offer was on.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 24/06/2021 08:15
This product seems to deter most biting insects and reduces the need for extra protection with sprays.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 23/06/2021 21:09
Smells great and the horses love it
Trusted Feefo Customer - 23/06/2021 20:38
Brilliant, does exactly what is says on the tin
Trusted Feefo Customer - 31/05/2021 21:49
This product seems to help keep most irritating flying insects at bay
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/05/2021 05:44
Seems to do the job far less fly's around my boy although fly season not fully under way yet..
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/05/2021 22:23
Palatable and does exactly what it suggests it will.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 16/04/2021 08:37
It sems to be very effective against most bugs
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/04/2021 21:16
To date,  product is deterring flies well and my mare eats it readily in her feed.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/03/2021 20:31
Used it last year, seems to help a bit
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/03/2021 15:03
Only been using for a week to build up before fly season starts, so far so good for a fussy feeder every morsel of feed gone so can only be good in my eyes. Lets hope it works!!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 01/03/2021 18:41
Palatable and horses enjoy it in their feeds
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/02/2021 16:19
quick and freshly delivered
Trusted Feefo Customer - 31/12/2020 13:53
Effective against most pests
Trusted Feefo Customer - 23/11/2020 20:03
easy to feed and palatable, effective
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/10/2020 22:56
Horses much calmer in fields now they’re not bothered by flies also very palliative formula they still eat up their feedstocks
Trusted Feefo Customer - 23/08/2020 21:36
Bought this as flys so bad this year, worked in 2 of my horses but not for ither two unfortunately.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/08/2020 19:23
Fantastic product, works amazingly
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/07/2020 22:30
Produkt wird gerne gefressen, ich mische es mit rote Bete Chips und Handvoll grünhafer
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/07/2020 09:06
It helps,doesn't stop all flies but i think it helps
Trusted Feefo Customer - 15/07/2020 22:31
A great blend of herbs and garlic. Horses love it so feed to all of mine for the summer
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/07/2020 08:24
it Works very well,no flys
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/07/2020 22:07
Works really well, cost effective and seems very palatable
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/07/2020 20:56
Still awaiting full results for this product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 02/07/2020 08:24
Fly formula definitely seems to help to protect our horse. He has been on for three summers now and definitely doesn’t get bitten as much. Plus he also loves the taste !
Trusted Feefo Customer - 29/06/2020 10:41
Seems to work well on one pony but not so great on other, so not sure yet!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 16/06/2020 17:54
Now on my second tub with my three horses. It’s made a difference with the flies and helping their coats too. Whilst they still have flies around them it’s far less than without the supplement. Very palatable too.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 13/06/2020 14:02
Fly formula smells lovely..
Have only used it for two weeks so can’t really comment on how well it is working on my very sensitive mare. But optimistic as I use other feed mark products and found them good
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/06/2020 06:03
It's fly time, trying for the first time, so far so good
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/06/2020 00:06
It's good stuff and it works
Trusted Feefo Customer - 03/06/2020 13:21
Feedmark is always reliable and delivers quickly.I used to be able to delay myBespoke supplement(when it was Formulate) but I no longer can.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 28/05/2020 07:03
The formula smells amazing and my horse enjoys it
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/05/2020 22:13
Palatable not sure of efficacy yet
Very happy with CPlus that gets a 5 star from me
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/05/2020 23:56
Only just started using this having not used before so don’t know just how well will work, but very happy all 4 ponies eating it well so great start.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/05/2020 09:00
like the fact it is herbs and is added to feed
Trusted Feefo Customer - 24/05/2020 20:38
Before fly formula my horse would come in dripping with blood from the dinosaur horse flies. Use every year now and helps keep the flies down, and ticks too
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/05/2020 23:08
Good product which seems to work against the biting creatures and is very palatable for the horse. Smells lovely as well.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/05/2020 21:54
I have used fly formula previously with great results.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/05/2020 21:07
Horses like the mix of herbs, waiting to see the results
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/05/2020 20:24
Have used fly formula for two weeks now. the recent hot muggy weather has produced an abundance of flies and midges. The supplement really worked well for two yearlings. So impressed with this product I have arranged for a tub to be sent to Spain for my daughter to trial there.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/05/2020 08:18
I didn't really think this would work,but it did
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/05/2020 07:43
Been using for six months. This summer will be the proper test to see if the product makes my mare more comfortable
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/05/2020 20:24
First tub, not been using long enough to give an informed opinionof it's effectiveness. Very strong smell which has meant my horses are taking a time to get used to it.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 06/05/2020 20:27
Palatable for my fussy boy and does what it says
Trusted Feefo Customer - 03/05/2020 21:29
I've found Fly Formula an effective deterrent against flies and biting insects. My pony finds it very palatable. Highly recommend this product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 30/04/2020 08:18
Have been using this product for 3 years now on our chestnut horse who used to get bitten badly by flies. We start using in early April and use through to about October and it really does help. We don’t have to use anywhere as much fly spray ,
Trusted Feefo Customer - 23/04/2020 07:48
It's great stuff but stinks
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/04/2020 21:14
Feed this all year round to help an itchy pony, not a complete deterrent but mosses are far worse when not fed
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/03/2020 19:56
Doesn’t stop all flying insects but it definitely makes a big difference in helping keep the pests away
Trusted Feefo Customer - 29/01/2020 14:19
Started my horse on this in good time I hope to try to prevent/ ease his reaction to fly bites as the milder weather arrives.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/08/2019 20:08
Definitely helps to deter the flys from my thin skinned thoroughbred
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/08/2019 13:47
Amazing products that do what they say they do
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/08/2019 17:56
Great product to use and horses love it
Trusted Feefo Customer - 24/07/2019 20:32
like the different herbs in the formula. never had any problems in any of my horses eating it in their feed.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/07/2019 23:43
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/07/2019 14:25
An important part of my horse’s defence against sweet itch. Wouldn’t be without it from March to November.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/07/2019 10:31
Fly formula, wouldn't be with out it, love it, it does keep the fly away, my horse has white legs and without fly formula you can see wher the flys have bitten him,
Trusted Feefo Customer - 12/05/2019 21:12
Only just started using this product so need more time to see if it works.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/05/2019 20:20
Helps keep the flies at bay and the horses really like the taste
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/05/2019 18:03
So far so good, no flies, happy horse
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/05/2019 16:21
Has benefits of more than just garlic. Use on a horse with a midge allergy.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/05/2019 14:27
Only just started using the fly formula and it has rained ever since so time will tell.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/05/2019 14:16
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/04/2019 16:41
Smells divine and contains ingredients that help to discourage flies.
Not effective against horseflies but is anything?
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/04/2019 12:40
Have used each summer for several years and is very good. If fact all that they do is great. My cob is permanently on liquorice and cough has improved.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 17/04/2019 19:57
Great product & even better when used with a voucher code!
Lorraine - 05/04/2019 16:39
I have not received it yet because I have only just ordered it, However I have used it before and found it to be very effective
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/03/2019 18:09
have used this for years and found together with fly spray to be effective.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 25/03/2019 10:54
Been buying it for a few  years now,  wouldn't be with out it, it works very well.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/03/2019 11:16
Been fantastic for the last four Summers, but this year my mare wouldn't eat it.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 15/02/2019 10:43
Saved me oodles of time spraying the beast last summer - smelled much more palatable than pure garlic
Trusted Feefo Customer - 01/08/2018 12:39
My horse has mild sweet itch and his previous owner used this product to help control it. Having used Feedmark products in the past I was more than happy to continue to use it and I’m pleased that the quality of product met my expectations.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/05/2018 20:15
Fly Formula is doing it's job as he is not being bothered at present and his coat has got a better shine
Trusted Feefo Customer - 13/05/2018 10:56
I use this every year as its the only thing that helps my horse with the flies
Trusted Feefo Customer - 09/04/2018 13:07
great product highly recommended
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/10/2017 15:39
Excellent product, my horse loves it.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/10/2017 11:18
Brilliant Product, brilliant service
Trusted Feefo Customer - 09/10/2017 13:16
Good stuff. The flies land but do not seem to bite. I have used this for several summers on a thin skinned Chestnut TB and on a hairy piebald cob. We have pigs on the farm nearby so lots of flies

Informazioni nutrizionali

Fly Formula™è un integratore orale antimosche, progettato per ridurre l'irritazione delle mosche. Se ingerito quotidianamente, l'aroma pungente degli ingredienti passa attraverso la pelle per scoraggiare le mosche.

I granuli di aglio contengono un composto di zolfo, che viene secreto attraverso la pelle. Gli insetti assaggiano attraverso i loro piedi, e quelli che atterrano sul cavallo non amano questo zolfo, e quindi hanno meno probabilità di mordere il cavallo. I semi di fieno greco aggiunti potenziano questo effetto e, insieme ad altre erbe aromatiche note per non essere apprezzate dagli insetti, come la scorza di limone, la menta piperita e il rosmarino, aiutano a respingere l'attenzione indesiderata. Inoltre, gli ingredienti che ottimizzano la salute della pelle, come camomilla, ortica e semi di lino, aiutano a lenire le zone colpite da fastidiose mosche. Il comprovato probiotico, Yea-Sacc®, garantisce il massimo assorbimento dei nutrienti desiderati.


Aglio in granuli, Semi di lino micronizzati, Foglie di menta, Foglie di rosmarino, Scorza di limone, Fiori di camomilla, Semi di fieno greco, Foglie di ortica, Polvere di menta piperita.


  Numero additivo al kg
Potenziatori digestivi    
Lievito vivo Yea-Sacc (Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94) 4a1704 5.300.000.000 cfu


Proteine grezze 18,4%
Petroli grezzi & grassi 8,3%
Fibra grezza  8,8%
Cenere grezza 5,1%
Sodio  <0,1%

Guida all'alimentazione


Peso del cavallo/pony         Importo giornaliero                                              
Fino a 250 kg 1 misurino
250kg - 400kg 1 ½ scoops
400kg - 600kg 2 misurini
Oltre 600 kg 2 ½ scoops





1 misurino raso (50 ml) di Fly Formula™pesa circa 23,5 g

Gli integratori alimentari devono essere somministrati in base al peso corporeo. Introdurre gradualmente la dieta del cavallo, dividendo tra i mangimi (se applicabile).

Fly Formula™è un mangime complementare per equini. Feedmark non utilizza nulla nella formulazione di questo prodotto che contravvenga alle regole della concorrenza.